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6 Air Plants for home and office

Air plants are quite popular these days. They don’t require soil, that’s how they get the name air plants.They don’t even need containers, just a supportive spot to hang out. 

They are especially popular among plant owners with busy schedules, and for parents looking for a resistant plant that their kids can learn to take care of. 

Here are six common air plants that you can easily grow at home and in the office:

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  • Mature height: 5–6 inches
  • Hardiness zones: 9–11
  • Key feature: thread-like leaves with red and purple flowers

The spindly leaves of the fuchsii gracilis create a spider-like appearance. This little guy needs plenty of water because of its thin leaves.


  • Mature height: 4–5 inches
  • Hardiness zones: 11–12
  • Key feature: bright red leaves

The fuego’s leaves start out a standard green/silvery-green color except when it’s time to bloom. The leaves turn a bright red, fading back to green at the center. This plant needs to completely dry in between waterings to prevent mold or fungal growth. (Ew.)

meet the founder
meet the founder


  • Mature height: 5 inches
  • Hardiness zone: 9a
  • Key feature: hair-like growths

The name fuzzywuzzy kind of says it all. This unique Tillandsia has tentacle-like leaves with hair-like growths. It’s small even when fully grown but def makes an impact with its unusual leaves.


  • Mature height: 3–4 inches
  • Hardiness zone: 10
  • Key feature: fuzzy, white leaves

The snowball looks, well, like a snowball. The spindly white, fuzzy leaves grow in a round shape. This hardy Tillandsia doesn’t need quite as much water as other air plants, so it works well for those who might forget to water once in a while. *clears throat and raises hand*

meet the founder
meet the founder

4.King of Tillandsias

  • Mature height: up 3 feet high and 3 feet wide
  • Hardiness zones: 9–11
  • Key feature: grows a 6- to 15-inch flower

The king gets its name from the sheer size of the mature plant. It can reach up to 3 feet in all directions. Make plenty of room for this one and plan on a tall flower, too.

5.Shirley Temples

  • Mature height: 12–15 inches
  • Hardiness zone: 11a
  • Key feature: tightly curled leaves

Shirley Temple’s signature ringlets meet their match with the streptophylla. It has (relatively) broad, tightly curled leaves that weave themselves into a bundle of green.

meet the founder
meet the founder


  • Mature height: 5–8 inches
  • Hardiness zone: 10
  • Key feature: peach colored leaves

The peach gets its name, you guessed it, from the pinkish peach color that develops on the leaves as they mature. There are many varieties of the capitata, but the peach is one of the most popular.


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