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How to Develop Cat's Scratching Habit

Are you worried about that cat‘s scratches will ruin the design of your living room carpet? Are you afraid that cats will scratch on your expensive sofa? Are you still thinking about how to stop this? 

Cat’s Scratching Habit

First of all, cats like to scratch on the furniture that is not because they try to cause trouble for you. Acutally, scratching is the nature of cats--when cats live in the wild, they will scratch with their paws to mark that they have occupied the area. Also, scratching is a good way for cats to exercise their legs and claws. In addition, cats like to scratch things to keep their paws clean.

Owners Not to Do & to Do

Not to Do: The owners shouldn't prohibit cats from grinding their claws.

To Do: Owners can provide cats with alternatives things to scratch, such as a cardboard scratcher or a scratching post. Also you can guide cats to grind their claws at a fixed place.

Train to Develop a Good Scratching Habit

When a cat scratches, its paws will secrete a viscous and odorous liquid and the smell of these mucus will attract the cat to come back to scratch again. According to this rule, you can help your cat to develop a good habit of scratching.

1. Prepare a cardboard scratcher (or a scratching post) and the texture of the scratcher should be solid.

2. Place the cardboard scratcher near somewhere the cat likes to stay, such as near the cat litter. 

3. Guide your cat to scratch on the cardboard scratcher. You can imitate scratching on the scratcher as cat and let your cat to learn scratching the board naturally from you; or you can help your cat to place its two front paws on the scratcher and move the paws back and forth to simulate the crawling action, so that the secretion of the cat’s foot glands can adhere to the scratcher. 

4. Repeat the training several times, your cat will be attracted by the smell of the secretions on the scratching board and come back to scratch again. 

Gradually, the cat will scratch on the fixed scrarcher. And instead, your furniture will be saved.