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Propagating Succulents with Leaf Cuttings

by WongRachel

Propagating Succulents with Leaf Cuttings

Propagating succulents on your own is a simple, and cost effective way to grow your collection without spending a bunch of money. In the most basic terms, propagation is the act of taking an element of a mature succulent and using that element to grow a new plant. So today we will simply introducte the most common and easy way: propagating succulents with leaf cuttings!

Process of leaf cutting:

1. Using clean hands or a sterile knife, remove a healthy leaf from the base of the plant, ensuring that an entire, undamaged leaf is removed.🌱

2. Once removed, let the leaf heal in a warm area with bright light for about four days to allow the “wound” to callous over. 🎋

3. After the leaf has calloused, prepare a new planter with soil, wet it, and place the leaf on top of the soil for propagation.🎍

4. Use a spray bottle to mist your leaves when the soil is dry.💦 Be sure to keep them in a warm place with plenty of bright light,🌤 but not direct sun. They need to be kept moist and warm.🌦

Within three weeks or so, little roots and leaves will begin to sprout! 🌱It could take a few months before a succulent gets big enough for repotting (photos above are after about 8 weeks).☘️ You’ll know it’s time when the leaf eventually turns brown and falls off.🍂 This means the succulent has taken all of the nutrients from the leaf and no longer needs it.🍀


Not all succulents can propagate by leaf cutting, this propagation method works well with succulents that have plump, fleshy leaves like echeveria because the leaves are easy to pop off cleanly.


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